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About Us

Our factory has been founded in 2008, occupies 35000 square meters, more than 500 employees,100 sets production equipment, 8 production lines, and an annual output of more than 8 million meters,we have plenty of leathers with a lot of styles and colors for your choice, the thickness ranges from 0.4mm to 2.0mm according to your requirement. Besides, we can supply customer-made service according to customer's demand. Believe us, we can provide you high quality products with favourable price.


High Quality
We produce figured and unfigured sea-island microfiber suede, with thickness from 0.5mm to 2.0mm(±0.05mm). Microfiber suede is suitable for sofa, gloves, shoes, boots, bags, and so on with soft feel, good abrasion-resistance and weather resistance, ultra-fine folds, fashionable yielding effect under pressure.

High End
Through the technology of dry coating,different patterns and colors of PU layers could be perfectly laminated with different kind of base for various uses. Our microfibre leather could be widely applied in various areas by improvement of the base and technology of coating,such as sports shoes, sofas, cases, bags, car interior and etc.

High Reliability
Microfibre base is non-woven microfibre fabric which is the key part of PU leather of microfibre, requires the core processing technology of sea-island microfibre which is very similar to the superfine collagen fibre of natural leather. We produce figured sea-island microfiber base, with thickness from 0.5mm to 2.0mm(±0.05mm).